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Please support DCP’s quest to instill dedication, discipline and joy for dance to children, adults, dancers and dance enthusiasts.  Every donation goes towards scholarships and financial aid to children, and also towards the costs to produce ballet performances for our children and adult students.  With your support, we can reach out to all who wish to experience dance and enjoy its benefits in their lives.
Ballet is a mentally challenging, physically demanding and expensive discipline. Dance Conservatory of Pasadena is committed to ensure that the art of ballet is passed on to the next generation through education and performance opportunities.  DCP is proud to offer its scholarship program for the most serious, hardworking and gifted students. The standards of ballet technique, deportment within class, behavior amongst fellow dancers and performance demands are high, but those who meet the criteria may receive full or partial scholarships to the pre-professional ballet program.  Auditions are held at least twice a year, and are open to all students ages 9 to 17 years old. In addition, DCP provides some financial assistance to children who wish to experience dance but cannot afford to pay for classes.  Parents can apply anytime of the year.  Financial assistance is awarded based on financial need and acceptable behavior of the child.
Providing dance education and experience with the highest level of standards so that the performance and appreciation of the art of dance endures for future generations

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We are only able to continue our Mission, because of the Generosity of our supporters.

Yes that’s right, we are non profit organization and reliant upon our supporter donations to continue our mission to provide education at the hihgest standards.

A Letter from our Executive Director

I wanted to be a ballet dancer from the moment I started dancing at 5 years old. I never had that chance to dance professionally. After a long career as an attorney, I wanted to pursue dance once again as a teacher and studio owner. I started Dance Conservatory of Pasadena in June 2010. It is one of my proudest accomplishments. In July 2013, DCP became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. I wanted to make this change in order to ensure that dance in all forms especially ballet thrives for future generations through my personal support but also support from dancers, dance enthusiasts and the community.

DCP’s mission is to instruct children who exhibit the desire and discipline to achieve technical and artistic excellence in dance. The main focus will be on ballet but other dance styles will be incorporated to create a well-rounded dancer. DCP’s teachers have a proven track record in inspiring and molding young students to becoming beautiful dancers. DCP provides support through scholarships and opportunities to perform in multiple performances every year. Through DCP, I hope children will be inspired and develop a lifelong passion to the venerable art of ballet, and to instill appreciation of what commitment and passion can achieve for a child as they grow to young adults and beyond.

Dancers of my generation were impressed with the necessity of exclusive focus and dedication to dance almost to the point of obsession. We all were well-honed dancers but often not allowed to experience other endeavors. The pendulum has now swung to the other side, and children are involved with multiple activities with many not really achieving the requisite facility to perform any of these activities well.

It is important to expose children to a diversity of activities to create appreciation in music, sports or theatre. However, there comes a time where parents and their child may wish to discuss whether he/she should dedicate themselves to achieving their highest ability in his/her chosen activity. While the obsessive focus on dance has sometimes resulted in emotional and physical damage, the idea of dedication to achieve excellence in dance has also served many of us well. For those of us who have chosen to dance ballet, passionate dedication to ballet transformed our lives. In my own personal experience, passionate dedication to dance gave me the ability to achieve scholastic and career success. The discipline, focus and passion in dancing were applied to my goals later in life. One of my goals has been meet – the establishment of Dance Conservatory of Pasadena. I firmly believe that passionate dedication profoundly affected my life. My dream to become a dancer has been transformed into creating a studio where young people can explore their dreams to dance, to learn discipline to achieve proper technique and to find joy in artistic movement. While they may not become professional dancers, the passionate dedication to dance will stay with them, and produce remarkable achievements in their lives.

-Jennifer Cheng


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